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Our environmental consultant in Benton, LA, proudly serves a variety of clients

Offering Environmental Services & Project Management in Benton, LA, for a Variety of Clients

MSAC provides environmental services and technical support in a fully responsive way for all our clients. We have the industry experience to plan, manage, and review all work with an eye for watching for appropriate regulatory constraints and other elements that are critical for successful project completion. Whether you need help with due diligence or project management in Benton, LA, contact us today.


We offer an extensive range of expert analytical and environmental consulting services. Our impressive list of over 5000 MSAC clients includes:

  • Banks & Mortgage Companies
  • Commercial & Private Businesses
  • Commercial & Residential Developments
  • Environmental/Consulting Firms
  • Law Corporations/Attorneys (Expert Witness)
  • Federal & State Agencies
  • Industry Businesses
  • Mining Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Construction
  • Contractors & Builders